8 Oct 21

Looking for a winning tender? Join the IFMI on 14 October

Tender is the night, but tender is not always the outcome of a Request for Information (RFI) or Request for Quotation (RFQ). Join the next IFMI Virtual Session about the Do's and Don'ts for a winning tendering exercise, on 14 October from 2 to 3:30pm CET. 

Often there seems to be some mismatch and misunderstanding between the expectations of the customer and the answers from the industry suppliers. What we often hear is that corporate fleet customers risk launching tender exercises without exactly knowing their baseline nor the clear outcome the tender needs to bring. Suppliers risk not transparently responding to the RFI and RFQ demands of corporate customers. It’s obvious the tender process can and needs to be optimised.

Here are already a few tips:

  1. Set up an RFI/RFQ and team
  2. Know what you want based on a baseline
  3. Define your key requirements
  4. Prioritise value above price
  5. Benchmark with peers and talk to similar fleets
  6. Decide on reporting formats and frequency
  7. Identify and invite suppliers
  8. Set clear Service Level Agreements
  9. Verify the scalability of the service offered
  10. Communicate and debrief internally and externally

But the above is just a quick checklist. If you would like to have a clear road map for your future tendering exercise, you should join the upcoming IFMI Session on 14 October from 2 to 3:30pm CET. In this virtual session we will look at the set-up and structure of an efficient tender, with specific attention for the OEM tender, but also with guidance for other fleet tender exercises.

Topics covered in the IFMI session ‘Do’s and Don’ts for a winning tendering exercise’:

  • Why tendering?
  • Preparing the tender
  • Running the tender
  • Analysing the tender exercise
  • What does this mean for my policy?
  • Best practice sharing

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Authored by: Steven Schoefs