16 Nov 23

Measure, manage and minimise CO2 emissions

Why doing the right thing for the environment depends on doing things right

Any fleet decision maker focused on sustainability should pin to their office wall two famous quotes by the business management guru Peter Drucker.

“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things,” wrote Drucker. Business leaders may be committed to “doing the right things” for the environment, shrinking their carbon footprints and minimising their impact on climate change, but “Doing things right,” leads to Drucker’s second famous quote: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” 

This poses a serious and immediate problem for fleets. The EU-wide Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive starts in 2024 and will demand the same forensic level of detail in environmental reporting as companies have to provide in financial reports. Yet a survey of 700 fleet decision makers by Alphabet International found that only 37% currently monitor their carbon dioxide emissions despite almost two-thirds pursuing sustainability goals. 

To close this knowledge gap between good intentions and effective action, Alphabet has developed Alphabet Carbon Manager, a cutting-edge carbon accounting, monitoring, and emissions reduction tool. Allied with Alphabet’s consultancy insights, the tool provides fleets with a structured approach to electrifying vehicles.

Developed in collaboration with ESG specialist Plan A, the new tool is fully aligned with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and certified by TÜV Rheinland.

“Using the Alphabet Carbon Manager tool our customers have the possibility to examine their fleet, what it’s currently emitting, and identify what they can do to improve their performance,” said Markus Deusing, managing director of Alphabet International. 

Importantly, the tool allows fleets to base decisions on actual, rather than estimated emissions data, capturing information from fuel cards and electric vehicle charge cards. Its calculations are so precise that it can even take into account the carbon emissions from energy generated to charge an electric car, separating renewable from fossil fuel sources. 

Not every fleet will have access to this level of detail for all vehicles in every country, so Alphabet Carbon Manager also includes cutting-edge algorithms to analyse emissions as accurately as possible, based on whatever data sources are available. 

By implementing Alphabet Carbon Manager today, fleets can begin to measure their true carbon footprint and start a successful transition to EVs, while laying the foundations to comply with the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive.

“This is the right time to be able to help fleet decision makers future proof their vehicle operations. Big pressures are coming and we want to help them, educate them and give them opportunity to manage their CO2 emissions with a tool they can rely on,” said Deusing.

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