12 Mar 24

Mercedes Women in Fleet event: Fostering diversity

Mercedes-Benz invited about 20 key female fleet managers and other stakeholders on International Women's Day, for a day full of inspiration and female empowerment. Witch on the agenda a panel discussion, a presentation of Mercedes' electric car models, a look around the Stuttgart based Center of Excellence and networking.

Laurie Marganne, marketing coordinator of Nexus and project manager of Inspiring Woman in Fleet, attended together with Nexus’ co-owner Caroline Thonnon, and also chairwoman of the Inspiring Women in Fleet (IWIF).

The recent gathering of female fleet managers and partners at Mercedes-Benz showcased a unique blend of business and networking opportunities, with a focus on promoting diversity and facilitating meaningful conversations among attendees. The event offered a blend of activities, ranging from visits to Mercedes-Benz's Center of Excellence to test drives featuring an array of electric vehicles, Panel discussions featuring inspirational women from Mercedes-Benz provided valuable insights into leadership and diversity in the automotive sector.

A recurring theme throughout the event was the significance of Women's Day, and stressed its importance in underscoring the strength of diversity. The consensus leaned towards the notion that while Women's Day serves as a reminder, efforts to promote inclusivity should extend beyond a single day, resonating throughout the year.

This is, of course, also the main reason for Nexus’ initiative Inspiring Women in Fleet, a platform that brings together women in the sector. The objective, as articulated by organizers, is to empower women to voice their perspectives and experiences, ultimately enriching the industry through diversity.

The next event of IWIF is on may 14th in Cascais, with the theme "It has never been a better time to be a woman in fleet". For more information, click the link


Authored by: Yves Helven