31 Oct 23

Need insights about Smart Corporate Mobility? Join the ‘Mobility Track’ at the Fleet Europe Days!

Connectivity is pushing the limits of mobility tech, and electrification is becoming the main strategy of sustainability. Five exclusive Flee Europe Days (FED) 2023 sessions will address Mobility’s increased sophistication and complexity, providing vital tips for setting up the best corporate mobility tactics. 

The Mobility Sessions 

How can innovation and technology be utilised in Mobility to ensure the safety and comfort of corporate employees? How is new Mobility disrupting fleets, and what are the best tactics? At the Fleet Europe Conference, which will take place on the first day of FED 2023 in Lisbon, Portugal, five exclusive sessions will share all the expertise and knowledge in Mobility:

14:20-14:40  Connectivity and Mobility, a winning combination
15:00-15:20 Boosting the user experience in Mobility
15:45-16:00 Employee mobility beyond the hype: “Making your Comp & Ben future-proof.”
16:00-16:25 Mobility for all, the time is now
16:25-16:50 Disruptive Fleet and Mobility Management Tactics

To learn about the experts and details of the sessions, click here for the FED Programme.

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What will I learn? 

Connected technologies hold enormous potential for improving safety and sustainability in fleets and boosting efficiency while providing significant cost reduction. Adapting and efficiently utilising these technologies to reach critical goals, such as employee satisfaction and comfort, better safety and sustainability, is quite a challenge. 

To be confident in choosing the best tactics and setting your mobility plan, the Mobility Track at Fleet Europe Days will offer a one-time learning experience on the most essential questions: 

  • What is the future vision of connectivity and Mobility?
  • How to achieve the best customer & employee experience in Mobility?
  • How to work out a flexible and smart corporate mobility strategy? 
  • How will innovation bring flexibility and improve corporate Mobility?

If you have specific attention on Mobility, don’t miss the ‘Mobility Track’ at Fleet Europe Days. Join the grand gathering of the fleet industry and learn from the top experts. 

Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen