5 Apr 23

New Leasys outlines business plans for major fleet leasing growth

Leasys, the new multi-brand operational leasing jointly owned by Stellantis and Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance, has outlined its business plan to become a European leader in operational vehicle leasing and mobility. The new company aims to become an international mobility leader with over 1 million vehicles by 2026 and a strong EV footprint.

In a joint presentation from Paris and Rome, the leasing company's top executives highlighted how leasing is set to capitalise from the accelerating trend of electrification, presenting the ideal solution for fleets and private drivers to test new green technologies while reducing their risk exposure to costs and ‘unforeseen events’.

They said that as a leader in the main target markets, Leasys will make a significant contribution to Europe’s transition to sustainable mobility.

International presence

The recent consolidation of Leasys and Free2Move Lease has created the new Leasys, a single company within the Stellantis Group, with operations in 11 European countries (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom).

For international fleets, Leasys claims the variety of brands and models that it can offer will allow it to compete in tenders against non-captive finance houses. It will also use the MyLeasys digital platform to enable fleet operators to manage their vehicles throughout Europe.

Business customers

Leasys already has a managed fleet of 828,00 vehicles, serving all the Stellantis brands, and is focused on B2B customers seeking medium-term and long-term rentals. The company will sell its services through the European network of Stellantis dealers, independent brokers, digital sales channels, and direct sales to larger clients.

Rolando D'Arco, CEO of Leasys (pictured top), said: 'With the ambition to become one of the leading players in Europe, we have developed a solid and bold business plan. We are confident that our fleet will reach one million vehicles by 2026, increasing its value by 50%. Furthermore, we expect a growth of around 30% of our international organisational structure over the next three years.”

Mobility solutions

In addition to concentrating on the leasing market, Leasys will focus on new mobility solutions, and has already developed a number of products and services, including:

  • Be Free, a long-term leasing solution that allows a customer to return the car after a year with no penalties.
  • Miles, a long-term, pay-per-km leasing solution.
  • AS NEW, a used-vehicle lease.
  • Leasys PRO for commercial vehicles.
  • UNLIMITED, a rental formula for eco-friendly products with unlimited kms in the contract.

Image: Leasys

Authored by: Jonathan Manning