24 Oct 17

Nominees announced for International Fleet Industry Award 2017

On 5 and 6 December, come to Estoril (Portugal) for the Fleet Europe Summit, the umbrella term for the European fleet community’s most important annual learning and networking events. Last but certainly not least among them: the Fleet Europe Awards, a gala event celebrating this year’s outstanding achievers and achievements in the European fleet community. Among the awards - a prize for the best fleet supplier solution. Here are the nominees.

The International Fleet Industry Award recognises a project from the fleet industry that best helps international fleet managers to achieve their goals (TCO, sustainability, mobility, HR, fuel and CO2 reduction, etc). Of the 22 candidates, the jury selected these 11 nominees: 

Allianz Automotive, with Flexible solutions for new-mobility providers & autonomous shuttles.
Allianz Worldwide Partners is working with major car- and ridesharing providers globally to develop and deploy highly flexible and customer-centric insurance solutions which reflect and cover actual risk. Allianz has also set up a worldwide programme to provide coverage for fleets of autonomous driving shuttles.

Alphabet International, with Mobility Consulting Tool (MCT).
In the middle of 2017, Alphabet implemented a Mobility Consulting Tool to support Fleet Usage Optimisation, aiding fleet managers by providing fleet analysis, using real data analytics and simulating future scenarios for fleet optimisation with electrification and carsharing. With MCT, Alphabet can simulate future fleet scenarios for fleets, with facts and figures based on real usage patterns.

Arval, with Total Fleet.
In April 2017, Arval launched Total Fleet, developed to answer an increasing demands of its clients to simplify the reporting task for fleet managers and provide greater data standardisation and transparency across their markets and partners.  

Free2Move Lease, with Free2Move Connect Fleet.
Free2Move Connect Fleet is PSA's multi-brand connected fleet management offer. Whatever the fleet size, connected fleet management solutions are becoming a major requirement for the companies that wish to better control fleet costs and optimise the operational side of things.

LoJack, Calamp Group, with LOJACK® CONNECT.
LoJack offers a high return on investment for renting and fleet companies by reducing the cost of theft and enabling innovative value-added services. LoJack combines a stolen-vehicle recovery solution in cooperation with police forces, by utilising the best performing radio frequency technology with a suite of telematics solutions.  

Mobility Tech Green, with e-Colibri Carsharing technology.
e-Colibri allows companies to reduce their fleet budget by managing their self-service vehicles via three elements: M2M e-Colibri box which is installed directly in the vehicle; e-Colibri softwares composed of two services: a fleet management system for operators and a booking platform for employees; and finally e-Manager, the mobility companion app. 

NewMotion, with The Group Charge App & Automatic Reimbursement.
As demand for electric vehicles grows, NewMotion has designed, built and supported smart-charge services for home, work and on the road. The system creates solutions for fleet owners who are electrifying their fleet to improve utilisation of their charge points, as well as allowing them to remove complexity of mileage claims by completely automating the process. 

Tesla Inc, with Autopilot.
Tesla Autopilot is an increasingly capable suite of safety and convenience features that make personal transportation safer and more enjoyable. Since September 2014, Autopilot hardware has come standard in all Tesla vehicles, and Tesla has continued to refine and enhance the Autopilot system since its features were first enabled in cars in October 2015 via over-the-air software updates.

TomTom Telematics, with TomTom EV Service.
The TomTom dynamic Electric Vehicle (EV) Service is a new service for drivers of electric vehicles. It has been developed to help EV drivers to make informed decisions about when and where to charge their vehicles, reducing range anxiety. It provides real-time availability for charging points, as well as other essential information such as opening hours, payment methods, plug types and more. 

VALEO Comfort and Driving Assistance SAS, with Mov’InBlue.
Mov’InBlue is a technological enabler providing a white-labeled, end-to-end solution, leveraging the highly secured Valeo InBlue® smart key technology. Via a simple touch on your smartphone, you can open your vehicle offline thanks to Bluetooth technology and gather vehicle data (fuel level, mileage, alerts...).

Many thanks and congratulations to the jury for this award: 

  • Maaike van Hemmen, Fleet Manager Europe, G4S Europe
  • Daan Bieleveld, Global Mobility Manager, DSM
  • Geert Behets, Head of Global Travel, Meetings & E Fleet, UCB
  • Hans den Hollander, Fleet Manager EMEAR, Cisco
  • Fer Derwort, European Fleet Manager, Infor
  • Pim De Weerd, Global Commodity Manager Mobility, Philips
  • Selçuk Gündogdu, European Fleet Manager, Vaillant Group
  • Ben Varey, Global Travel and Fleet Manager, SGS
  • Antal Palmai, Head of Global Category, E.ON
  • Steven Schoefs, Chief Editor, Nexus Communication. 

Image: Fleet Europe

Authored by: Frank Jacobs