25 Nov 20

Novice or experienced fleet managers, the IFMI has a masterclass for you

Choosing between PHEV or EV, building a charger network, defining a driver eligibility policy, ... Fleet managers often struggle to electrify their fleet. Join the next Expert Masterclass of the International Fleet Managers Institute (IFMI) and make your fleet electrification work. In a Masterclass for Starters, the IFMI will help first-time fleet managers on their path to international vehicle fleet management.

The IFMI organises seminars and webinars zooming in on the latest sector trends, explained by experts and executives with in-depth knowledge of the international fleet business. The next digital masterclass takes place on 3 December, with a morning session for starters and an afternoon session for experts.

Digital Masterclass for Starters – How to benefit from an international fleet strategy

Thursday 3 December, 9am to 12.30pm – Register

This masterclass is tailored for fleet managers that are new in their role and have not yet acquired expertise in vehicle fleet management on an international level. It can also be valuable for companies that have yet to develop an international fleet management strategy.

What you will learn

  • How to benefit from an international fleet strategy with Steven Schoefs, Editor-in-Chief, Fleet Europe
  • What is fleet management with Sjoerd Brenters, LeasePlan
  • Know what you have – setting the baseline by Athlon International
  • Identify the advantages with Shams-Dine El Mouden, Arval
  • The benefits of going international with Alix Truyens, ALD Automotive
  • The international RFQ with Daniel Schessler, International Key Account Development, SEAT

Wojciech Regucki (AbbVie), European Fleet & Mobility Manager 2020, will present his fleet and mobility policy. The IFMI session will be concluded by an interactive workshop.

Digital Masterclass for Experts – How to make fleet electrification work

Thursday 3 December, 2pm to 5.30pm – Register

This masterclass has a programme designed for fleet managers with some experience in implementing an international fleet strategy covering multiple countries.

What you will learn

  • Road map to electrification with Steven Schoefs, Editor-in-Chief, Fleet Europe
  • Why is an electrification strategy right for you and what should you aim for? With Shams-Dine El Mouden, Arval
  • EV driver profiling: who is eligible for what type of EV powertrain? With Alix Truyens, ALD Automotive
  • EV vehicle profiling: what EV models are fit for purpose for my drivers? By Seat
  • TCO analysis and selecting the right partners with Sjoerd Brenters, LeasePlan
  • Aligning and right-fuelling your policy for EVs with Mark Taylor, Athlon International

Steffen Krautwasser, Head Global Fleet at SAP and European Green Fleet Manager of the Year 2020 will present his fleet management strategy. This IFMI session will be concluded with an interactive workshop.

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck