28 Nov 23

Our two new Hall of Famers are both Danish, and that’s no coincidence – probably

Even if you’ve seen just one Carlsberg commercial, you’ll know that’s where the title of this article gets its “probably” from. But Denmark is about more than great beer (and great beer marketing). 

It also exports great commercial talents in the fleet and mobility ecosystem. For proof, look no further than this year’s new inductees in Fleet Europe’s two Halls of Fame. 

Tim Albertsen, CEO of Ayvens, won the 2023 Fleet Europe Hall of Fame Award at the Fleet Europe Awards on Thursday evening in Lisbon. And one evening earlier, at the Fleet Europe Remarketing Awards, Peter Grøftehauge, CEO of Autorola, was the newest inductee into Fleet Europe’s Remarketing Hall of Fame.

So the two new Hall of Famers celebrated at the Fleet Europe Days 2023 are both Danish. A coincidence? Yes. But also no. Let me explain. 

Both juries had a wide range of worthy candidates, from a wide range of countries. That they each chose a Dane is like rolling two sixes: it’s just the luck of the dice. 

That is not to say the two inductees were randomly selected – far from it. Both Tim and Peter have earned their place in their respective pantheons. 

Tim Albertsen has more than 25 years’ experience in transforming the leasing and fleet management industry. In 2017, as the company’s Deputy CEO, he oversaw ALD’s successful listing on the Euronext Paris stock exchange. After becoming CEO in 2020, he captained the acquisition of LeasePlan. Tim now leads Ayvens, the new name for the merger of ALD and LeasePlan.

Over the past three decades, Peter Grøftehauge has played a major role in transforming the remarketing industry. Today, Autorola is one of the world’s largest online wholesale vehicle remarketing companies, and a leader in automotive IT solutions, and the provider of Indicata, the next-generation tool for managing used-vehicle inventories.

Hard work and teamplay

Which brings me to the no-coincidence part of my argument. As a non-Dane living in Denmark, I’m constantly amazed how this small country of fewer than 6 million people manages to punch above its weight on the world stage, in a variety of arenas. 

Such as: literature (Hans Christian Andersen), philosophy (Søren Kierkegaard), international diplomacy (Anders Fogh Rasmussen, former NATO Secretary-General), tv (half of all Scandi Noir thrillers) and film (Lars von Trier). 

From the 1970s onward, a generation of energetic Danish footballers such as Søren Lerby and Allan Simonsen popularized the term “Danish Dynamite”. 

Last but not least, Denmark is an economic superpower. It’s home to such world-class brands as Lego, Mærsk, Bang & Olufsen, Vestas Wind Systems, Arla Foods, and yes: Carlsberg. 

Novo Nordisk, the pharma giant producing Ozempic and Wegovy, is Danish – its turnover is bigger than the entire country’s GDP, and it singlehandedly helps keep the Danish economy in the black. 

That success does not just rain down from the sky. Danes have a special set of skills that predisposes them for success: they like hard work and teamplay, they don’t go for big egos and hot air. If you want to get things done to the highest standard with a minimum of fuss, get a Dane. It’s how they rise to the top.

And it’s how they earn a spot in our Halls of Fame.

Tillykke, Tim og Peter!


Authored by: Frank Jacobs