22 May 23

The people who shaped ALD and LeasePlan

The leasing business is a people business. Not just for customer relations, also in terms of leadership. Both LeasePlan and ALD became the giants they are today because of the personalities in charge, and the choices they made. 

However, as often happens in business, once those mighty CEOs retire, their names are fast forgotten. So here, as a last tribute, is a short overview of the people who shaped ALD and LeasePlan throughout the previous decades. And by doing so laid the groundwork for today’s merger. 

LeasePlan CEOs

Anton Goudsmit (1963-2000)

Founder and long-time CEO. Reoriented LeasePlan from equipment leasing to operational leasing of cars. Introduced ‘open calculation’, a revolutionary system that spurred growth.


Hugo Levecke (2000-2006)

Architect of the profound internationalization of LeasePlan, among others by offering detailed reporting to clients with the introduction of 'Plan 8', now 'My Fleet', and the price comparison tool 'Internet Quotations'. 


Vahid Daemi (2006-2016)

Cements the company’s market leadership and establishes a solid profitability, even as ownership continues to change. He also spearheaded the introduction of LeasePlan's consultancy service and the fleet customer's self-service tool 'My LeasePlan'. 


Tex Gunning (2016-22)

Resolutely pushed LeasePlan in a greener direction, with emphasis on Car as a Service, remarketing and digitization, helping to make the company an attractive target for acquisition.



ALD Automotive CEOs

Jean-Claude Renaud (2001-2008)

Had been CEO of Temsys since the early 1990s. Managed the merger of the two “banker’s daughters” and its early European expansion. 


Gianluca Soma (2008-2011)

Masterminded the launch of the Global Alliance with U.S.-based Wheels Inc. in 2009, giving ALD worldwide coverage and making his company a global leader in vehicle leasing. 


Mike Masterson (2011-2020)

Initiated ALD's expansion across Latin America. Steered his company towards its successful IPO at Euronext Paris in 2017, making it the first major leasing company to be listed on the stock market. 


Tim Albertsen (2020-)

Took ALD to the next level, via the merger with LeasePlan, to become a global mobility company. And continues as CEO of the merged company. 


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Authored by: Frank Jacobs