18 Dec 18

Private lease: six selling points

The main reason private lease is growing so fast? Everybody wins: OEMs, suppliers, consumers – and corporates. Here are six factors of its success.


  • Private leasing combines the advantages of ownership and leasing: they have long-term usage of a vehicle but pay only a fixed monthly fee, eliminating the risk of high unexpected service costs.
  • Via private leasing, consumers who might otherwise not be able to afford them get access to a new vehicle. When renewing their lease, typically after three years, they can again obtain the newest model. Used-vehicle private leases are also increasingly popular

Lease suppliers

  • The private leasing formula opens up a whole new market segment, and one that’s bigger than the corporate segment. In mature markets, much of the lease industry’s growth in recent years has come from private lease.
  • Because of the increase in demand, lease companies can use the power of greater numbers to negotiate better terms with the OEMs, often in the form of larger discounts.   


  • What’s good for lease companies, is good for OEMs: private lease is able to reach a range of previously unserved customers and allows them to reach the annual targets in terms of vehicle sales more easily.


  • It costs companies very little to offer private leasing to their employees, and in return they reap a range of benefits, including higher employee satisfaction and retention. 
Authored by: Frank Jacobs