6 Dec 17

SAP wins International Fleet Innovation Award

The International Fleet Innovation Award, accorded at the annual Fleet Europe Awards, on Wednesday 6 December at the Casino in Estoril (Portugal), celebrates a project that stands out in a specific area of fleet management innovation, for example car policy, implementation, international organization, use of tools, driver satisfaction. 

The award was presented by Edward Kulperger, Europe Vice President of Geotab. It was won by SAP, and collected by Markus Falk, Head of Global Car Fleet at SAP. 

SAP is a German multinational software corporation; Mr. Falk is responsible for 23,000 vehicles worldwide.

Some quotes from the jury:

  • “Offering a lot of various green mobility options such as TwoGo ridesharing platform”
  • “Installed an internal competition programme for the fuel consumption”

Ed Kulperger (l.) and Markus Falk.

Authored by: Frank Jacobs