10 Nov 21

SIXT Longterm Flex: Going green has never been this easy!

SIXT Longterm Flex does what few other mobility solutions can: it solves three fleet problems in one go. With its 12-month runtime, it fills the yawning gap between short-term rental and leasing. By allowing users to switch between vehicle types, it ensures mobility fit for every purpose. And with its emphasis on EVs, it speeds up fleet electrification. Going green has never been this easy!

SIXT Longterm Flex was developed by SIXT in close collaboration with its long-time customer Siemens. The solution ticks so many boxes that both Siemens and SIXT are rolling it out across their respective markets. Here’s what it does. 

Virtual budget

Think of SIXT Longterm Flex as a virtual company car budget. For a monthly fee, users choose a vehicle that is right for their present work/life circumstances. If those circumstances change, they can change to another vehicle that perfectly fits those changes. It’s even possible to hit ‘pause’ and have no vehicle at all for a time. 

Compare that to your standard lease contract – one car for at least three years. The pandemic, and the resulting trend to work from home, has shown just how drastic circumstances can change. SIXT Longterm Flex is the answer to the growing demand for flexibility, from both fleet managers and fleet drivers. 

Pay As You Use

As such, SIXT Longterm Flex provides fleets with the agility they need. A closer coordination between what is required and what is available will also result in efficiency gains and cost savings – the formula works on the “Pay As You Use” principle. Also, being able to offer prospective employees the option of changing vehicles when they want or need to – that’s an important weapon in the war for talent. 

However, SIXT Longterm Flex is an especially suitable tool for electrifying fleets. As many fleet managers know, the easiest way to turn a petrolhead into an EV fan is to just get them to drive one. Rare are the drivers who’ve switched to EVs who want to go back to petrol or diesel. But the question is: How do you get those ICE drivers into an EV? 

Switch back

The answer: gradually, flexibly, smartly. A formula like SIXT Longterm Flex allows for drivers to use full-electric and/or hybrid EVs for limited periods or in certain circumstances, with the reassurance that they can switch back – again, when circumstances require it, for example when they go on a long holiday drive. 

That reassurance is all most drivers need to take the plunge, and go electric. For Siemens, one of the main goals of SIXT Longterm Flex is precisely to speed up the electrification of its vehicle fleet, and thus help the company achieve its sustainability targets for 2030.

At least 10 vehicles

SIXT Longterm Flex is a formula that can benefit any corporate fleet of at least 10 vehicles, by offering the flexibility that both fleet managers and drivers require, by facilitating the transition to EVs that all fleets must make, and by generating cost savings both in terms of usage and tax. Incidentally, shorter contract durations also free up more capital for the companies in question. 

Fleet managers will see the benefits, even if other internal stakeholders might not. To get them across the line, SIXT has developed a range of analytical tools and communications material to get all parties involved in corporate mobility on board. 

Considering the formula’s key qualities, that shouldn’t be too hard: SIXT Long-Term Flex brings flexibility to being mobile, and makes going green easy. 

Discover how easily going green with SIXT Longterm Flex at corporate.sixt.com