10 Mar 20

Sofico enters partnership with Ergon Capital

Sofico, a software provider for global automotive finance, leasing fleet and mobility management, has revealed a new five-year strategy. It has also unveiled a new partnership with Ergon Capital Partners IV SCSP.

The key elements of Sofico’s five-year plan involve geographic expansion, increase of delivery capacity, broadening the product portfolio and innovating the technology stack.

Gémar Hompes, Sofico Managing Director, commented: “Building on a successful few years, with record figures in 2019, we have now laid out a strategy for sustained long-term success.

Over the years, Sofico has grown as a privately owned company, making it possible to focus on long-term objectives.

Mr Hompes commented: “As we greatly value this identity, we have been looking for a financially solid and stable partner that is willing to take a minority position, supports our long-term vision for the company, believes in sustainable value creation and shares our DNA and entrepreneurial spirit. In Ergon Capital we have found a partner that ticks all these boxes, for all our stakeholders.”

Ergon Capital is an independent, mid-market value investor with a track record of fostering innovative niche companies.

Sofico aims to continue investing in hybrid solutions like the Miles suite, capable of bridging contracted vehicle usage with driver-centric, value-added mobility and connected car services. This should provide an end-to-end online customer journey and meet the requirements of automotive OEMs as well as mobility and financial services providers.

Image: Gémar Hompes , Sofico Managing Director (copyright: Sofico)

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck