19 Jun 19

Stefan Herbert, Mercedes-Benz: “You can be the next Global Fleet Manager of the Year”

Each year, the Global Fleet Manager of the Year Award goes to the fleet manager who has had an extraordinary influence on his company’s fleet and mobility programme. Stefan Herbert, Senior Manager International Corporate Sales at Mercedes-Benz, explains why his company is partner of this award.

What’s the top trend in global fleet management today?
More and more companies are concentrating on their core business, which is different from the car or mobility. They are outsourcing these matters to fleet management companies that can serve their total mobility needs.
Previously, we only talked about car fleets but today we’re talking about mobility as a whole, including other elements alongside the car. Increasingly, that goes hand in hand with connectivity – fleets are asking for connectivity solutions they can use to optimise their car park. Those are definitely top trends.

How does Mercedes-Benz respond to global fleet needs and how do you take into account regional differences?
We have over 6,500 Mercedes-Benz partners worldwide so we have a wide coverage of Mercedes-Benz services and dealers to serve our customers in the best conditions. For corporate customers, we have international key account managers that are responsible for several countries. They aren’t only based in Stuttgart but also in the UK, in Italy, in France etc.

We also have different types of cars with different types of options that can meet country-specific needs, customised to the demands of customers in a particular country.

What’s your message to companies that aren’t sure if they should take part in the Global Fleet Manager of the Year election?
The Awards provide an excellent platform to meet peers, to exchange ideas and to discuss the needs your company may encounter with partners that are active in the same business. It’s a way to get inspired, especially to get new ideas as well as practices to see what you can implement in your own company.

The way I see it, everyone’s cooking with water but they are putting different things in it and there’s often something to learn from other companies’ practices.

What are you hoping to get from the candidates from the Fleet Europe Awards this year?
I am keen to hear  how  the candidates manage to steer a global car park. How is the company structured? Who’s involved in the car policy definition – HR, worker council, management, …? How is mobility changing the set-up in the company? Does it need to be changed? I am looking forward to  see the candidate’s presentations and the discussions with them.

You can be the next Global Fleet Manager of the Year! Apply now!

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck