23 Nov 23

Tim Albertsen, CEO of Ayvens, wins Fleet Europe Hall of Fame Award

In a prestigious ceremony held in Lisbon, Portugal, 2023, Tim Albertsen, Group CEO at Ayvens, was honoured with the Fleet Europe Hall of Fame Award. This significant recognition comes as a testament to Mr. Albertsen's remarkable contributions and leadership in the leasing and fleet management industry, culminating in the historic creation of the new global mobility player Ayvens after the acquisition of LeasePlan by ALD Automotive. The award was handed out by Sang Hoon Lee, President & COO at Hankook Tire Europe

Tim Torben Albertsen, a Danish national born in 1963, is an accomplished executive with a strong academic background. He holds degrees in Business Administration from the University of South Denmark and Copenhagen Business School, which have laid the foundation for his success in the corporate world.

Albertsen's journey in the fleet management industry began with a pivotal role at Avis Denmark, where he served for five years. Initially, he assumed the role of Operations Manager Rental, and later advanced to the position of General Manager Leasing. In 1997, he transitioned to a leadership role at Hertz Lease Denmark, where he served as General Manager. Notably, this company was eventually acquired by ALD in 2003, setting the stage for Albertsen's ascent within the organization.

Over the years, Albertsen's dedication, expertise, and strong leadership capabilities propelled him to various key positions within ALD. In 2005, he was appointed as ALD's Senior Vice President, showcasing his ability to drive the company forward. By 2008, he assumed the role of Chief Operating Officer (COO), further cementing his influence within the company. In 2011, he was entrusted with the position of Deputy CEO of ALD.

ALD Leadership

Tim Albertsen was named the CEO of ALD Automotive at the beginning of 2020, succeeding Mike Masterson. Under his guidance, ALD embarked on a remarkable journey, culminating in the acquisition of LeasePlan on January 6th, 2022. This acquisition marked a watershed moment in the vehicle leasing industry, creating one of the largest and most influential players in the field.

The merger of ALD and LeasePlan was not merely a business transaction; it represented a strategic move to consolidate resources, expertise, and global reach. This union was a testament to Albertsen's vision and his unwavering commitment to driving innovation and growth in the fleet management sector.

Ayvens: A Global Powerhouse in Fleet Management

As a result of Tim Albertsen's strategic leadership, ALD and LeasePlan combined forces to form the new entity known as Ayvens. This transformation was officially announced on October 16th, 2023. Ayvens, now a global giant in the fleet management industry, manages over 3.4 million vehicles across the globe. The economies of scale resulting from the merger are expected to bring significant benefits to fleet customers.

The significance of this merger cannot be overstated. It not only solidified Tim Albertsen's legacy as a pioneering figure in the industry but also sets the stage for Ayvens to lead the way in innovative fleet solutions and customer service on a global scale.

Fleet Europe Hall of Fame 

The Fleet Europe Hall of Fame award is a recognition of his contributions to the international fleet management industry. This award is a testament to his leadership, dedication, and vision, which have transformed Ayvens into a global mobility powerhouse and reshaped the European fleet industry as a whole.