18 Dec 18

Top 10 most read articles on Fleet Europe

As the year draws to a close, it is time to look back at what articles were read most on the Fleet Europe website. Diesel and alternative powertrains were particularly hot topics, dominating our top 10 with several articles. The Fleet Europe community was also interested in changes in the leasing and mobility industry that could impact their policies and strategies. A short overview.

Do you know your Euro 6 from your 6c and 6d-TEMP?

All new cars are Euro 6, but some are more Euro 6 than others. The letters following the number 6 (i.e. b, c or d) are indicative of the fact that they comply with the very latest version of the emission standard or not – and indeed face a possible ban from low-emission zones, or a (more or less) carefree future.


These cars already comply with Euro 6d-temp

Chances are that in the near future, only the latest diesels complying with the Euro 6d-temp emission standards will be allowed to enter low-emission zones in some German cities. So, if you need to drive into town regularly and want to make sure you can continue to do so: below you will find the cars that already meet the latest requirements.


10 European trends for 2018

The trends we predicted for 2018: car sales up, diesel dip continues, diesel fleet sales down, alternative powertrains up, premiumisation of fleets, outsourcing is trending, pay-per-use models increase, connectivity versus privacy, mobility management takes off, internationalisation leads to globalisation.


10 reasons why CNG is the new diesel

Diesel has long been the most economic fuel for fleets. It was also considered the most ecological liquid to combust until the truth about particulate matter and NOx emissions came out.


LeasePlan announces (and then cancels) IPO

LeasePlan has cancelled its intention to launch an Initial Public Offering and list its shares on the Euronext exchanges in Amsterdam and Brussels. The IPO, announced on 4 October, was expected to take place in the following weeks, and was aimed at retail investors in the Netherlands and Belgium as well as institutional investors. The company cited "market conditions" as the reason for the cancellation.


Diesel is dead. Long live diesel

Dramatic predictions about the death of diesel are almost certainly premature, but the powertrain mix is on the brink of significant change according to PwC Tax Partner Alexander Unfried.



WIKIFLEET is a free collaborative encyclopaedia about car fleet management. It provides essential knowledge of what you need to know about fleet markets in the world in 12 chapters for each country. It is updated regularly to reflect all changes in taxation, legislation and innovation that impact fleet and mobility management.


Byton M-Byte: 10 questions a fleet manager would ask

Electric disrupter Byton sets up camp in Amsterdam for a few days to present the concept of its D-segment crossover M-Byte. More than just a new OEM, it wants to be a provider of a digital experience never seen before in car land. 


WLTP hits hard, here and now

If you think that you needn’t worry for another year or so, think again. The correlated NEDC values that are used as a taxation basis today by way of a transitional measure are much higher than the old NEDC values – without anything fundamental having changed to the car. What is happening – and why?


Arval grows 7.4% in 2017, announces digital and electric push

In 2017, Arval's worldwide fleet grew organically 7.4% to just over 1.1 million units, a record. At the presentation of its annual report, BNP Paribas's vehicle leasing daughter also announced innovative offers for both corporate and private citizens and a push towards digital and electric solutions.


Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck