6 Dec 17

Vattenfall wants to make electric the new norm

Swedish energy provider Vattenfall wants to electrify all of its 3,500 vehicles – passenger cars and LCVs – over the next five years. An ambitious goal, which Tomas Björnsson, Vice President, head of Business Unit E-mobility, was happy to discuss on stage during the plentary session at the 2017 Fleet Europe Forum.

An investment with a high return

From a strict cost point of view, transitioning to electric vehicles does not make much sense in the first years. “It is a matter of trial and error, of setting up pilot projects, assessing, adjusting, and so on. Bet eventually, the benefits outweigh the efforts.”

From a lifecycle perspective, an EV outperforms ICE vehicles – especially in Sweden, which has a very green energy mix. Moreover, Vattenfall was surprised by the employee buy-in. “They are experiencing very positive reactions from our customers, which makes them feel proud to be working for Vattenfall and turns them into e-ambassadors.”

Inspirational for other fleet owners

Vattenfall wants to be an inspiration for other international companies – and for their own customers. Tips and tricks from Mr Björnsson? “Partner up with OEMs. Get them involved in your project. Also, do not underestimate the power of change once your employees are aboard. Take it step by step. Finally, consider battery degradation.”

Authored by: Dieter Quartier