31 Oct 18

What you will learn at the Fleet Europe Summit 2018

Once a year, all the fleet and mobility expertise pools together in a unique event – the Fleet Europe Summit. This year, Barcelona (26-28 November) is where you’ll explore pathways to future success in a rapidly changing industry.

Here are the main trends – and major learning opportunities as the Fleet Europe Summit:

  • From diesel to electric
    Fact: diesel is under pressure in Europe. The new WLTP emissions testing procedure adds even more uncertainty – and cost – to ICE powertrains. So is this the right time to go electric? If so, how do you proceed? And what will be the impact on your fleet strategy – and your entire organisation?

    EV Test-Drive on 27 November: test over 10 different electric vehicles (cars and scooters) – a great opportunity to get to know the vehicles you and your colleagues  willdrive tomorrow.

    Fleet Europe Forum on 28 November: discover how to electrify your fleet and what will be the added value to your organisation and employees.
  • Mobility-as-a-Service
    The trend in European fleet industry is pretty straightforward: the company car yesterday, Car-as-a-Service (CaaS) today, Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) tomorrow. New mobility solutions are popping up everywhere to give employees the opportunity to efficiently manage their own door-to-door mobility. Some still perceive MaaS as a threat; getting to know the size and content of the trend is the first step towards seizing the opportunities it presents.

    Smart Mobility Talks on 28 November: gain a better understanding of the rise of MaaS market and its practical implications.

  • New Finance Models
    With mobility management on the rise and customers increasingly preferring usage over ownership, traditional long-term finance solutions are merging with new, flexible lease models, subscription-based solutions and services like private lease.

    Fleet Europe Forum on 28 November: learn how to integrate these new finance models into your mobility programme.

  • Connectivity and Autonomy
    The rise of connectivity is generating ever greater amounts of vehicle data, which are delivering better insights and more transparency. But that requires getting to grips with the technological intricacies of Big Data – including questions around privacy, security and liability.

    Geotab Connect on 27 November: learn how to approach Big Data the right way and why it is key for mobility success.

    Smart Mobility Talks on 28 November: learn about the ambiguous relationship between autonomous mobility and safety.

    Fleet Europe Forum on 28 November: read the road map of autonomous mobility and the way vehicle autonomy will shape your future fleet.

  • Change and Stakeholder Management
    Change is inevitable. But we can influence how it will impact our organisation. Change management is about exploiting the opportunities of the future. Stakeholder management is about getting everybody on board for that journey.

    Global Fleet Managers Club on 26 November: this is where to share best-practice, exclusively for global and regional fleet and mobility customers.

    IFMI Masterclass on 27 November: how to drive change management and create stakeholder engagement. For international fleet customers only.

    Fleet Europe Summit from 26 to 28 November: experts discuss the need to address change, and the impact of their respective topics on the fleet and mobility community.

As you can see, the Fleet Europe Summit 2018  will deal head-on with the profound changes that are affecting our industry. And as this list of top speakers proves, the best and brightest fleet experts are sharing their insights in Barcelona from 26 to 28 November. 

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Authored by: Steven Schoefs