18 Dec 23

First interview with Ross Jackson, TraXall International, after the acquisition of Fleet Logistics: A consolidation of strengths

TraXall International's recent acquisition of Fleet Logistics Group marks a major move in the fleet management ecosystem, announcing a strategic reconfiguration within the industry. Our conversation with Ross Jackson, CEO of TraXall International, highlighted the significance of this acquisition, showcasing a blend of prudent deal-making and forward-thinking strategies that define this business decision.

The Deal

When delving into the rationale behind the acquisition, Jackson emphasized the consolidation of strengths between two prominent market leaders: “Beyond the conventional advantages of expanding market share and streamlining operational efficiencies, this acquisition is a statement within the industry, putting a spotlight on the role of fleet management within the broader ecosystem,” says Jackson.

Throughout the meticulous process leading to this acquisition, which spanned many months, both parties completed a due diligence phase aimed at crafting a deal that aligned with the mutual objectives of both entities. Jackson:” The importance was not just to negotiate a beneficial deal but one that felt inherently right for both TraXall International and Fleet Logistics Group.”

Company Identity

Highlighting the complementarity of both entities, Jackson noted, " TraXall International excels in serving local customers while maintaining a strong footing in international markets. Fleet Logistics Group operates internationally first, perfectly complementing our existing strengths.” He emphasizes the intention to preserve the distinct identities and entrepreneurial identity within each entity while acknowledging the challenge of talent acquisition in the fleet management sector: “Both businesses largely work at capacity, and we both experience difficulties in finding the best talent. Even if we will implement certain operational and IT efficiencies, we’re not in the game of letting talent walk away.”

The Fleet Management Prospect

Emphasizing customer-centricity, Jackson reaffirmed the commitment to prioritizing customer preferences: “Until we obtain all regulatory approvals, we maintain a formal distinction between TraXall International and Fleet Logistics. Nonetheless, our future roadmap and operational synergies are part of the conversation of this next chapter.”

Investment Strategy

Beyond this acquisition, Jackson articulated TraXall International's dedication to prior investments like OviDrive. He emphasized the need for a diversified service portfolio to cater to varied customer demands, envisioning a model where tailored solutions are offered to different and additional segments of clients, from global data consolidation and analysis to local fleet and mobility management proposals.

Looking ahead, expansion remains a central focus for TraXall International. Ross concludes: “The acquisition's strategic significance and our new market position will enable further expansion. The demand for fleet management services, in all its variations, is growing both locally and internationally, and we’re ready to respond!”



Authored by: Yves Helven