30 Jan 19

Why the future of fleet management is about excelling Glocally

“Serving markets locally, but to the beat of a global strategic drum”: that’s how CEO Ross Jackson (pictured, left) sees fleet management company TraXall’s unique selling point. The company is eyeing half a dozen new markets, reveals Leomont Wouda, International Business Development Director (pictured, right).

TraXall International currently manages around 170,000 vehicles for a total of more than 300 clients. The company is operating in 20 markets throughout Western Europe and Latin America.  Expansion into Switzerland could happen before year’s end. For 2019, TraXall is looking at Eastern Europe and the Nordics.

Ross, how would you define ‘Fleet Management’?

RJ: “An interesting question, because the answer varies. Some of our clients outsource just the business process elements, such as driver support, vehicle management, order management, replacements, and so on. Others outsource literally everything to us, also strategic direction.” 

Why would a company work with a fleet management company if their fleet’s OEM or leasing company also have teams that offer services?

LW: “Unlike lease companies or OEMs, we’re truly independent from the asset. Which means that the best solution for the client is our main concern. And that we can take a broader view, beyond the cars themselves”. 

“We believe our independence allows us to be more objective than anybody else. We can connect to any supplier, ours or the client’s.” 

What’s your answer to customers who demand service in countries where you’re not present? 

LW: “That’s a fair point, and that’s why we’re looking into expanding our footprint. We’re open with our clients on this: we want to add value, and we  do that on a limited level in markets where we’re not present. We can do consulting, data collection and reporting for those markets, though, which is in cases already sufficient for our clients”. 

‘Economy of scale’ is one reason why multinationals favour the bigger lease companies. TraXall is smaller, so what’s your USP?

RJ: “Even global leasing powerhouses still have to transact at a local level. Each market has its own specifics. Just because you’re a big player doesn’t mean you’re going to get the best deal in each of your markets. In fact, I don’t believe global scale offers a significant advantage – there are just too many variables to pin down.  Our USP?  Combining sole supply simplicity with multi-supply [cost] efficiency and delivering a great user experience.”

Doesn’t the lack of a global framework make the work at local level too difficult?

RJ: “I don’t think so at all. We explain to local businesses what their global partners want, and how we want to achieve that outcome. This is where we add value: by removing frustration and increasing collaboration, we achieve much greater success”. 

Do you think Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) could push Fleet Management out of the market?

RJ: “No I don’t. We’re very excited about MaaS: Traxall is developing to manage the entire MaaS proposition as a whole, so we’ll be integrating Fleet Management into it as the concept matures.”

Image: Ross Jackson, CEO and Leomont Wouda, International Business Development Director, TraXall

This interview was also published in the Fleet Europe Guide to Fleet Management United Kingdom and Ireland (page 42). Erroneously, the Irish flag was added to the article in the UK Guide, suggesting a presence only in Ireland, for which the editors would like to apologise.
Authored by: Frank Jacobs