9 Jul 19

French fleet sales surge

Figures produced in France by the Arval Mobility Observatory (formerly the OVE) show a substantial increase in company car registrations in the country for the first half of this year. Every month of the year to June recorded an increase compared to the same month last year, with the highest being March and April at around 15% each. Paradoxically, June itself saw the smallest increase – but an increase nevertheless – of 1.97%.

The overall figures for the first half of the year in France are as follows: the total of some 451,629 units registered to companies splits down as 265,464 passenger cars (up by 8.85%) and 186,165 light vans (up by 7%).

There is some movement in the fuel types favoured by French companies. Diesel was down by a further 3.67% over the first half, accounting for 71.84% of the market. Petrol, by contrast, has made significant headway, up by 65.44% compared to the first half of 2018, to claim 22.31% of company registrations. Electric vehicles saw sales to companies of over 10,000 units, 2.34% of the market.

(Image: Sortir à Paris)

Authored by: Tim Harrup