5 Feb 19

Check out the brand-new Wikifleet entry on France

What's the latest on the size and evolution of the French market – both automotive as a whole, and the fleet segment specifically? What are the requirements of French corporate car drivers? How about corporate car tax in France? These questions and many more can now find an answer in the brand-new entry on France in our Wikifleet database. 

What's Wikifleet? It's all in the name: Wikifleet aims to be a Wikipedia for fleet professionals. We have entries on all major markets all around the world. Check it out here! And here's a direct link to the page on France.

By the way: 'wiki' stands for collaboration. Just like Wikipedia, Wikifleet will grow more rich in information and more relevant for its users if they contribute their expertise. If you have information that could be of use – on the France page or on one of the others – click on SUGGEST AN UPDATE at the bottom of each chapter and let us know! 

Image: The Champs Elysées in Paris


Authored by: Frank Jacobs