5 Jul 21

TotalEnergies launches travel expense card

Together with Mastercard, TotalEnergies has launched a payment card that goes beyond traditional expenses like fuel or EV charging. In a first stage, the Mobility Corporate card is being offered in France but TotalEnergies has plans to expand to other European markets in the coming years.

The Mobility Corporate card can be used to pay for more than the expenses that can traditionally be paid with a fuel card, like fuel, EV charging, car parks or car washes. The card can also be used to pay other expenses linked to business travel, like hotels, restaurants and vehicle rental. Both the usage scope and the geographical scope where the card can be used can be adapted to each customer’s wishes.

The new Mobility Corporate card is a Mastercard Business card issued in collaboration with Crédit Mutuel. The yearly cost associated with the card is €84, higher than the €36 for the traditional fuel card. However, according to TotalEnergies, processing a traditional expense note costs €53 and the new Mobility Corporate card is a way to get those expenses down. At the same time, companies using the card will gain better insights into their travel expenses.

In a first stage, the card will only be offered to customers in France, but a spokesperson to TotalEnergies confirmed the company plans to launch the card in other European markets in the coming years.

TotalEnergies is the new brand name of the French energy group Total, unveiled in the spring of this year.

Photo copyright: TotalEnergies

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck