11 Aug 20

Dragintra gets a foothold in Germany

The Dragintra Group, based in Belgium, establishes a German subsidiary Dragintra Fleet Services GmbH by merging the branch of fleet management activities of T.F-uhrpark-Consulting GmbH. The German branch of the company will be headed by Thomas Füerth.

Since its foundation in 1999, the Dragintra Group has achieved an average annual growth rate of 20% and now manages 55,000 vehicles in 23 countries with a team of 71 experts and other cooperation partners.

Dragintra strives to create added value for its customers by using automated processes, supported by cloud technology that enables transparent processes and cost savings for all Dragintra customers.

The state-of-the-art and award-winning Fleet Pack software plays a central role in operational and strategic fleet and mobility management for fleet owners and managers. Fleet Pack combines all operational and strategic aspects of mobility management in one online tool and is compatible with third party HR and financial systems for data exchange. It also automates communication and enables comprehensive reporting, resulting in efficient mobility management.

Image copyright: Dragintra

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck