29 Aug 19

Marc Odinius acquires full ownership of Dataforce

The long-standing Managing Director of Dataforce, Marc Odinius, has acquired all shares of Dataforce and is now also sole owner of the company.

As to the mission of the automotive data- and market-research company, with 87 Employees, counting 27 different nationalities who reside in Frankfurt, Rome and Beijing, Odinius stated: “Dataforce is always in search of unique information which will make the automotive market more transparent and easier to understand. With this mission in mind we also strive to provide fast and easy access, as well as highly standardised information through our systems.”

Marc Odinius, who was the second employee to join Dataforce in 1998, says thank you for the past 22 years to Christoph von Gleichen, the former majority shareholder of Dataforce.

Image: Marc Odinius, Managing Director and owner, Dataforce

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck