21 May 19

New appointments at LeasePlan Italy

A bit over four months after the appointment of Alberto Viano as Managing Director, the LeasePlan Italy management team welcomes four new directors:

Dario Cerruti is appointed Commercial Director, to enhance sales activities in all markets and customer segments.

Maurizio Di Manna is appointed Procurement Director, with the task of optimizing the procurement processes for goods and services

Salvatore Mozzillo is appointed Operations Manager with responsibility for providing increasingly efficient and effective operational services

Giulio Foldes is appointed Strategy & Transformation Director and will be responsible for the strategy, the business development and the planning of Marketing activities.

"With these new appointments and with the confirmation of the other members of the management team, LeasePlan Italia is ready to tackle new challenges and strive to reach its ambitious goals. 2019 and the next few years will bring some economic uncertainty, but I am convinced that in adverse situations, opportunities arise for those who have more courage and the ability to read the market," said CEO Alberto Viano.

Authored by: Dieter Quartier