7 May 19

LeasePlan pilots private lease car sharing app

LeasePlan has launched Tess, a new app that allows private lease customers to share their cars with friends and family. Tess will initially be piloted in the Netherlands with 100 LeasePlan private lease customers for a period of 6 months.

The app allows friends of private lease customers to book the vehicle, track its parking location and take care of all relevant administration, such as rental payments and fuel costs.

LeasePlan is convinced that focusing on the drivers’ friends and family networks, will take way the possible consumers’ reluctance to share cars.

Lease costs can be split over all participants or can be calculated based on an hourly rate for the usage per person. When appropriate, the lease car owner can request payment, including fuel costs, using the popular repayment app ‘Tikkie’.

Copyright picture: LeasePlan

Authored by: Steven Schoefs