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9 May 18

ALD self-scanning app makes contract-end easier for private lease

ALD Automotive has started a pilot programme in the Netherlands to allow lease drivers to perform their own car inspection at contract-end. Private lease customers in particular are expected to benefit from a more transparent inspection process.

The pilot uses a self scan app developed by AVN Remarketing. In between 10 to 15 minutes, customers can photograph their car's interior and exterior using their smartphone. Example photographs give an idea of damage that is considered to be acceptable, giving the driver an idea of the excess or deductible they will have to cover.

Surprise element

Frank Alofs, Operations Director at ALD Automotive, said: "In many cases, the car is returned to the dealer and the subsequent procedure is unclear. Drivers can be present at the inspection but they don't always have that possibility. This pre-inspection should remove the surprise element."

Private lease drivers in particular may find the self scan app useful as they often have questions about the contract-end procedure and the costs they may incur.

Image: an ALD driver uses his smartphone to perform a self scan of his car.

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck