16 Apr 19

Arval Netherlands launches private lease webshop

Select a suitable car, find an all-inclusive, hassle-free service package and conclude a private lease agreement for it: a new online service by Arval offers all that to Dutch private customers. 

The growth of private lease is propelled by the cultural shift from ownership to usership. The Netherlands are one of the most advanced countries when it comes to private lease maturity.

Carefully chosen

Arval is a full-service lease provider which traditionally targets corporates, but now also offers long-term car leases to private customers. Its new webshop (at www.privatelease.arval.nl
), designed to provide a simple and personalised service, giving consumers the choice to select from carefully chosen offers, coupled with a range of services.

Specifically, a 'Needs-Based Search' allows customers to easily select the car that corresponds best to their requirements: they answer a few simple questions, after which the system ranks the available cars according to how well they correspond to the needs of the customer. 

Multibrand lessor

The questionnaire takes into account such criteria as the number of passengers, the need for space in the car boot, and for comfort in the car itself, the importance of fuel consumption, and more. 

This 'Needs-Based Search' removes the stress of having to perform intensive market research when choosing a car. And as a multibrand lessor, Arval prides itself on the fact that it can provide a wide range of models, thus certainly including ones that fit the customer's actual needs.  

Doorstep delivery

Arval's new Dutch private lease webshop also offers a service package that it qualifies as 'hassle-free', and which includes maintenance and repair, replacement vehicle, tyre service, road assistance and car insurance. The process offers quick approval,  is entirely digital (including e-signature), and even includes doorstep delivery, if the customer so desires. 

“Our customer-centric new digital experience is designed to help individuals move from owning to leasing cars. It's an experience we'll continue to improve. We aim to introduce this new customer experience in several other European countries before the end of this year,” says Lakshmi Moorthy, Arval's SME and Private Lease Director.

Authored by: Frank Jacobs