30 Aug 21

Fleet Europe Summit goes live on 9 & 10 November: Ready for change, building tomorrow.

The Fleet and Mobility community is going through its biggest acceleration in history. And we are ready to support this change and make sure our community is fit for the future. Join us at the live Fleet Europe Summit on 9 and 10 November in Brussels to start building the Fleet and Mobility future together!

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4 Summit Themes

The 2021 Fleet Europe Summit programme will revolve around the baseline 'Ready for change, building tomorrow', with 4 Summit Themes that will ensure you stay on top of the transformation of our industry. 

1. Sustainability

2021 has been a breakthrough year for electrification.  As companies are looking for sustainable fleet solutions to support their journey to Carbon Zero, EVs have become an integral part of any European fleet. Of course challenges still exist but new innovations in charging infrastructure and well defined OEM strategies will drive sustainability as the norm for European and worldwide fleets.  

2. Post-COVID-19 fleet management

A post-COVID world needs post-COVID fleet management. Lower mileages, working from home and new safety regulations require new ways of procuring fleet and new financial models. New policies will need to be developed to support this change and to ensure compliance for your employees. Let’s make sure your fleet strategy is ready for the years to come.

3. Corporate Mobility

Often challenged, the transition from ownership to usership is inevitable and fits the trend towards cyclic economies. The translation of this transition into the corporate fleet ecosystem is "Corporate Mobility", and it has made it to the top of the agenda. Together with our experts and leading market players, we will have a look at how these new solutions and concepts such as Mobility as a Benefit (MaaB) and Mobility as a Service (MaaS) can support an increased employee experience and what steps corporate mobility managers need to take to update their Policies & Strategies. Change has started!

4. Innovation & Technology

Never in history has technology been as accessible and game-changing as it is right now. The fleet industry is exploring IoT and connectivity solutions, be it within the confines of regulations and, of course, employee acceptance. The challenge for corporate clients in 2021 and beyond, is to push tech solutions across the finish line and ensure that they will benefit employee safety, fleet renewal programs and ultimately, cost control. Change will be required to implement further digitisation and efficient data management in corporate fleet management strategies. It’s time to pay attention to tech!

Ready to Learn. Discover. Network. Celebrate.

Fleet Europe Village
Remarketing Forum
Global Fleet Managers Club

Extending your business network is key in a fast-changing industry. Your chance to network with customers, prospects, peers and suppliers and make connections for the future.

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International Fleet Managers Institute
Smart Mobility Institute

Understanding the impact of emerging trends in Fleet & Mobility is a necessity for building a future-proof and successful programme. Learn all about the latest innovations and trends & developments in Fleet & Mobility management and benchmark your strategy.

Vehicle Exhibition & Test Drives
Remarketing AI Discovery Session
New Products & Services

Keeping a close watch on innovative and smart solutions will help you to steer your business strategy forward. Discover and test the newest car models that can support your Fleet strategy. Find out the latest innovation in Fleet & Mobility.

Fleet Europe Awards
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Remarketing Award & Dinner

Celebrate the best achievements in Fleet & Mobility and enjoy a night out with the community.

We're looking forward meeting with you on 9 and 10 November in Brussels. View the full programme and Register for the 2021 Fleet Europe Summit.

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck