7 Jul 20

Why ALD Flex is the Swiss Army knife among fleet solutions

These are uncertain times. Your fleet needs flexible solutions. But ALD Flex is more than just an answer to the current crisis. As the Swiss Army knife among fleet solutions, it has an extremely wide range of uses. No fleet manager’s toolbox should be without. 

As in any crisis, corporate fleet managers today want to refocus on their core business while maintaining operational continuity. Particular to this pandemic, companies also want to look out for the health and well-being of their employees. 

Business uncertainty in the short-term

That translates into three kinds of needs:

  • Corporates need mobility alternatives so their employees have an alternative to public transport.
  • They also need to optimise vehicle replacement cycles, which have been disrupted by the pandemic.
  • And they need to deal with business uncertainty, so they are less inclined to commit to long contracts. 

ALD Automotive has an excellent track record when it comes to responding to customer demands for flexibility. This time round, its response is ALD Flex – a solution for these times and beyond.

Mid-term needs

With a range of 1 to 24 months, ALD Flex is specifically designed to help corporate fleets with their mid-term mobility needs. It complements traditional, longer-term full-service leasing, which ranges from 24 to 60 months. 

ALD Flex is simple and cost-effective: 

  • Customers simply choose a vehicle category.
  • Then they filter by price, transmission, powertrain and CO2 emissions level until they find what they’re looking for.
  • The vehicle from the category of their choice will be delivered to their door, or to the nearest ALD Automotive location – as they wish.

As a ‘plug-and-play’ solution, ALD Flex comes with an all-inclusive service package and an easy booking platform to manage the entire process online with real-time vehicle data to help fleet managers with their reporting needs. ALD Flex customers get free upgrades if their category choice is not available, and a free swap option after six months. The formula can be terminated at no extra cost after just one month.

Manifold applications

ALD Flex was born of the current pandemic. But its applications are manifold. Mid-term, full-service, no-commitment mobility is an ideal solution for

  • Projects with an unknown runtime
  • Fleets with seasonal peaks (e.g. around Christmas)
  • Companies launching a new product
  • New employees still on probation
  • Trialling the introduction of alternative powertrains (hybrids, full-electrics).
  • And many other situations.

ALD Flex is now available in 19 countries, drawing upon the Group's experience accumulated over the past 5 years, and 30 countries worldwide by mid-2021.

Is ALD Flex the Swiss Army knife your toolbox needs? Talk to ALD and find out!