25 Sep 19

Start-Up of the Year WeProov: "In five years we want to be the leader"

WeProov looks back on its victory at the 2016 Smart Mobility Start-Up Awards.

We are approaching our Smart Mobilility Start-Up Awards in November in Estoril. While we analyse the applications we received this year, we have a look at how our previous winners are doing. What have they achieved since their victory and where are they going? The seventh in the series is the winner of 2016, WeProov, and CEO Alexandre Meyer gives us an update.

Introduce WeProov in 1 sentence.

WeProov is an application that allows the driver of a fleet to instantly take a picture of damages and warn the fleet manager of how much the repair will cost and what kind of action he wants to take after receiving the information. 

How does WeProov serve fleet managers?

The driver takes a picture and uploads it in the app. Once he has taken the picture via the app we send a quote to the fleet manager who decides if he wants to call upon his insurance broker and if he wants to repair the car. In that case, we send him to a repair shop where he can have the car repaired.

How did WeProov grow since the Smart Mobility Start-Up Awards? 

From 2016 we grew from 10 to 40 employees. We started in only 2 languages – French and English – and today we operate in 13 languages. We started in France and today we operate throughout Europe and in North Africa. 

Where do you see WeProov in five years' time? 

In five years our goal is to be a key actor in the ecosystem. We also created a gateway which is an arch you drive through to inspect your car in three seconds' time. We want to be the leader of the inspection market, which can be done automatically or via the app in your mobile phone. In five years we want to be the leader of any kind of inspection process, related to the automotive market and other verticals such as boats. 

If anything was possible – no technical or financial limits – what would you improve at WeProov? 

Nothing, we are doing great! The company is four years old; we have a strong team, everything's going well. We are anticipating on changes. We are building the future. 

Can you share a memorable moment after the Start-Up Award? 

After the Award we had the opportunity to be in direct contact with the key actors in the market, which allowed us to start some meetings and build recognition in the European market. 

Can you share an insight with other Smart Mobility Start-Ups? 

Do not hesitate to talk to other people, because there is always a need somewhere!

Authored by: Fien Van den steen