5 Jul 22

The 2022 Global Fleet Survey needs you!

Imagine if you could shape the future of international fleet and mobility and drive it forward?

Imagine also if you could somehow access a heap of knowledge and information that can help you drive your business forward from peers and industry compatriots?

Well, you can…

We’ve launched the 2022 Global Fleet Survey, which gives you an opportunity to share your experience and create a truly comprehensive compendium of industry insight that you cannot get anywhere else.

We are at a critical point, possibly one of the most critical in the history of fleet, leasing and mobility, in which almost everything is changing: automotive power trains, the desire for vehicle ownership, company car policy and so on. We are facing some tough challenges: climate change, geopolitical unrest, economic uncertainty, supply chain and labour shortages, technological evolution that’s hard to keep up with, rising fuel costs and more…

Pooling our resources and sharing knowledge and experience at this point is crucial if we are to confront these challenges head on. You can help by taking the survey. It’s easy to do (follow the link) and will take 20-30 minutes to complete.

The year, the survey is composed of six chapters:

  1. General Profile
  2. Global Fleet & Mobility Strategy
  3. Fleet Management
  4. Finance & Leasing
  5. Vehicles & Powertrains
  6. Smart Mobility

Why you should take the survey?

The Global Fleet Survey 2022 will help you to:

  • Clarify where you stand on several strategic issues you are currently facing.
  • Benchmark your strategy with your peers.
  • Understand how other multinationals are managing their Fleet.
  • Fine-tune your decisions for the future.

You will receive a copy of:

  • The Full Results of the Global Fleet Survey 2022.
  • The Global Fleet Survey E-Book, which includes a detailed analysis of the Survey by our Global Fleet Experts.

Take the 2022 Global Fleet Survey

Authored by: Alison Pittaway