28 Jun 19

Seat grows 41% in Spanish True Fleet

“After a small siesta in Q1, the Spanish True Fleet market appears to be back to positive ways,” says Richard Worrow, analyst at Dataforce. Seat in particular registered positive numbers, taking up 4th place with 41.9% growth.

The True Fleet includes all registrations to companies excluding certain categories such as short-term rentals and demo vehicles.

The total market finished just shy of 132,000 registrations and while the Fleet and Dealer/Manufacturer channel were both positive, the private market (-10.2%) and short-term rental market (-11.2%) both drew double-digit losses. True Fleet was up by 2.0% (last month was +11.6%) and Dealership/Manufacturer registrations increased by 7.0%.


The biggest grower was Seat with 41.9% growth, catapulting the home-grown brand into fourth place in the brand top 10. Volkswagen was once again at the top of the list, followed closely by Peugeot and Toyota. In the case of Peugeot, the 3008 performed particularly well. Following them were BMW, Renault, Audi, Mercedes and new top-10 entry Nissan.

The Nissan Leaf, though not the strongest selling Nissan, did see its volume go up by a staggering 704.8%.

Image: Seat car in the narrow streets of Barcelona

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck