23 May 19

Arval UK makes contract adjustment easier

Arval UK has announced a new dashboard too, designed to provide customers with complete visibility over re-contracting options for their company cars and vans.
Shaun Sadlier, Head of Consultancy at Arval UK, explained that it had been created in response to customer demands for greater flexibility when they needed to deviate from their original contract terms.
He said: “One of the major benefits for businesses when leasing company cars or vans is budgeted costs. However, we increasingly see customers needing some elasticity and wanting to undertake an exercise that we call re-contracting.
“This can sometimes refer to simply lengthening or shortening contracts or changing the mileage parameters. More often, though, it refers to the way that we monitor whether vehicles are, over time, staying within the expected parameters of their lease contract and, if it is clear that they aren’t, suggesting options to the fleet operator.

(Image: youtube)

Authored by: Tim Harrup