30 Jun 21

Flexible insurance meets ultra-flexible leasing

Zego's team

European usage-based insurance provider Zego has partnered with flexible leasing company SOGO in the UK to insure its rapidly growing fleet of cars and vans.

Brokered through McCarron Coates, the deal means Zego will provide flexible, usage-based insurance to SOGO’s fleet of vehicles, covering drivers on a range of cars and vans.

Low-cost and quick insurance

The partnership will allow SOGO to offer ultra-flexible, pay-by-the-mile insurance to its customers as part of their monthly leasing subscription while absorbing the cost of insurance premiums on behalf of drivers. It keeps insurance costs down for drivers, eliminates any chance of them driving without cover and saves the time and hassle of having to search for and acquire insurance themselves.

Additionally, SOGO is able to add and remove cars from Zego’s policy with seamless API integration, saving admin time and money when compared with traditional insurers.

Sten Saar, CEO and co-founder of Zego, said: “Like us, SOGO’s offering is built on flexibility, and it is these shared values that make this a great partnership. We are seeing a major shift from ownership to usership in the world of transport, for both personal and commercial use, and SOGO’s unique business model, coupled with our usage-based insurance, has huge potential to change the way that people and businesses lease vehicles.”

Telematics data sharing

SOGO employs Trak Global telematics, which in this case allows both it a Zego to benefit from the shared use of data. With Trak Global, SOGO will be able to track driver behaviour and share that data with Zego, allowing both companies to identify driver risks and look to improve the safety of vehicles on the road.

Image of the Zego usage-based insurance team, courtesy of Zego.

Authored by: Alison Pittaway