22 Jan 19

Total favours electricity

Total is another oil company to be turning its attention to electric cars. It has announced the launch of EasyCharging on the Belgian market. The company speaks of providing green electricity and of intelligent recharging options, along with fleet management solutions for mixed fuel fleets.

Total says that its offering for Belgian B2B clients also includes supplying solar panels and delivering, installing and managing charging points at companies’ premises or employees’ homes. The Total Card, additionally, provides access to different types of fuel including petrol, diesel and electricity. It is available to be used at 4,000 service stations in Belgium and more than 70,000 in Europe.

Speaking of the company’s new moves, Nicolas Paris, head of product development for Total Gas & Power Belgium, says: “The exponential development of a fleet of electric vehicles requires a new approach to mobility. It is important that companies can call on intelligent and sustainable solutions.” He also speaks of green electricity and charging stations adapted for home use. Additionally, Total says that its range of fuel cards has been broadened in line with the growing needs of companies in the domain of electric mobility.

Image: Total

Authored by: Tim Harrup