31 Jan 19

Vehicle registration in a click with Flotimmat

One year ago, the French startup Flotimmat was created to provide a fast and reliable way for fleet owners to handle vehicle registration. 

After one year of service, the Flotimmat makes up its balance. So far the startup already serves more than 20 companies, with Enedis, GRDF, Sogetrel and Via Location among others. In total good for about 3,000 vehicle registrations. 

The online platform has to ease the administrative tasks required for vehicle registration of fleets. Moreover, Flotimmat secured its procedures and made all documents trackable. 

Flotimmat not only eases the vehicle registration, but other related tasks as well, such as the change of social state, resale of a vehicle, or change of the company seat. Further on, the service can be used to request duplicates of the documents, in case they get lost or stolen. Additionally, the platform can provide temporary number plates in your online office space, where they can be stored together with other relevant online documents of your dossier. 
In total, on average vehicle registration with Flotimmat would take about 15 to 20 minutes and would cost about €17.44 per vehicle. 

Authored by: Fien Van den steen