7 Feb 22

Global Fleet Conference is moving: see you in Lisbon (Cascais) on 2-4 May!

Get out your calendar app – the Global Fleet Conference is moving! Previously scheduled for 16-18 May in Rome, the event has been moved forward to 2-4 May in Lisbon (Cascais), Portugal. This year’s theme couldn’t be more timely: Sustainability. 

In just 10 years, the Global Fleet Conference has established itself as the only event where both fleets and suppliers with a truly global reach can meet and mingle, to learn from each other and to establish relationships that will advance their strategic goals. And this year’s theme couldn’t be more timely: Sustainability, the engine for global fleet management. 

Competitive advantage

Sustainability is no longer just a marginal add-on. More and more, it’s a central plank of corporate strategies – especially in terms of fleet and mobility. As EVs increasingly achieve and surpass cost parity with ICEs, sustainability is more than a CSR selling point, it’s turning into a competitive advantage. 

Of course, this presents specific challenges for global fleets, which operate across markets that aren’t all equally sophisticated. Yet also in developing markets, sustainability can be turned from a drag on resources into a net benefit for fleets, and overall corporate targets. 

In a compact format of just 48 hours, several hundred Global and Regional Fleet & Mobility managers from around the world will gather to engage with experts, peers and prospectives on precisely this theme. 
The 10th annual Global Fleet Conference will take place from 2 to 4 May in the Hotel Cascais Miragem. Here are the event’s main sessions: 

Monday 2 May: pre-conference networking

  • Various meetings will bring together regional and global fleet professionals: 
    • Fleet LatAm Business Networking Group
    • Global Fleet APAC Business Networking Group
    • Global Fleet Managers Club

Tuesday 3 May: conference day 1

  • Global Economy Trends

Overview of the macro-economic trends that will dominate the world this year, and how they will influence international and global corporates and fleets. 

  • Around the globe in 70 minutes

You can’t “go global” without understanding the peculiarities of the world’s various fleet regions. This session will deep-dive into those regional dynamics.

  • EV adoption across the globe

Electrification is going global, but EV readiness varies greatly throughout the world. Understanding this is key to building the right global EV strategy.

  • Winning strategies in sustainable fleet management

Success is the result of a plan – well thought out, well executed. How do you set one up? In this session, Award winners will share their best practices. 

  • Be ready for the perfect storm

Change is happening faster than ever. Fortunately, change brings opportunity as well as risk. This session will show how to identify the benefits.

Wednesday 4 May: conference day 2

  • Sustainability and Smart Technology

In various breakout sessions, learn how connected fleet technology can support fleet and mobility goals in terms of carbon neutrality.

  • Sustainability and Smart Financing

In various breakout sessions, learn how vehicle financing is being reshaped into more flexible and sustainable solutions that fit with the global shift towards usership.

  • Sustainability and Smart Mobility

In various breakout sessions, learn how developments in powertrain technology can benefit the operation of your various fleets.

For more details and to register, check out the event website. Watch this space for updates on the programme. And while you have your calendar out: block 2 to 4 May: a lovely time to visit Cascais. And a great opportunity to turn sustainability from a must-have into a win-win!

Image: Global Fleet, 2022. 

Authored by: Frank Jacobs