5 Nov 19

Thumbs up to globalisation: The Global Fleet Managers Club

The GFMC has become the reference event for global Fleet Managers to meet each other and catch up in a relaxed and informal setting. An important part of its success is the fact that the GFMC is not sponsored and content is defined within the group. The companies that are represented in the Global Fleet Management Club own or lease several hundreds of thousands of cars; the decisions made by the group influence directly and indirectly the global fleet supply chain.

About the Global Fleet Survey

Over 100 Fleet Managers, good for almost 900.000 cars, took part in the Global Fleet Survey. The outcome of the survey was shared with the GFMC and some of the highlights were taken out to start a conversation amongst the members of the GFMC. Especially globalization of fleet strategies was picked up by the audience as one of the essential trends.

Another topic of conversation is the shift – or not – from procurement to HR. It seems that, in larger organizations, HR is making its way back into Fleet Management. In addition, the GFMC asked itself what the future place of Fleet could be: procurement, HR or something entirely else?

About the Smart Mobility Institute

SMI is a direct result of the ambitions of the GFMC – a think-tank type of approach about mobility and future fleets. In the meanwhile, 2 successful SMIs have been organised, the first one aimed at discovering what “smart mobility” means, the second one to define the right audience.

The GFMC highlighted that an important part of the SMI’s role is join supply chain and client community to improve the delivery of an enterprise-proof offering.

About the Fleet Latam Conference

The most striking feedback from Latam-based Fleet Managers is the need for an educational platform. During the 2019 edition of the Latam conference in Mexico, there was an eagerness of the local Fleet community to learn from more experienced professionals.

Global Strategy, a testimonial

John Dmochowsky, Mondelez’ Global Fleet Manager, explained how he approached the topic of globalization. “It all starts with governance,” says John. “Fleet, at Mondelez, is not procurement or HR, but is engaging with both functions as an independent function.” APAC is another focus for John; he has regular cross-functional workshops with his teams and stakeholders in Asia and reminds the GFMC about the diversity and specifics of the APAC region. Or, as John says: “You got to get on an airplane!”

Announcing the Global Fleet Summit APAC 2020

Expanding its tradition of delivering high value content in a conference format, Global Fleet will be delivering a first Summit in Singapore in April 2020. The GFMC members will be invited to a new APAC advisory board, that will play an essential role in developing and animating the APAC Summit.

Continuing the success of the GFMC

The 2020 agenda, shared with the Global Fleet Management Club, contains a diverse suite of initiatives, such as the Connected Fleets Conference, Smart Mobility Institute, Global Fleet Summit and Conference,… The GFMC network continues to be one of the driving forces of these initiatives.



Authored by: Yves Helven