17 Nov 21

Want a snapshot of 2022? Join the Global Fleet Conference!

Global and international fleet managers, clear your agenda for the afternoon of 2 December. In four hours and five themes, the Global Fleet Conference will provide a fascinating snapshot of what you can expect in 2022 across the world’s five main regions. If ever there was a virtual event with real-world benefits, it’s this one. Register now!

Key lessons from the pandemic: (1) predicting the future is risky – unexpected things will happen; and (2) because of this, preparing for the future is more necessary than ever.

It is between the parameters of that paradox that global fleet and mobility managers must chart the road ahead. How? By remaining both prepared enough for the likely outcomes, and agile enough to navigate unlikely ones. 

Cue the Global Fleet Conference, a digital event that will take place on 2 December from 2 pm to 6 pm (CET). Its title: “The World in 2022, a Fascinating Snapshot”

Its goal: to get you up to speed with the trajectories for next year of five crucial trends that are transforming the mobility ecosystem. Each trend will be discussed in a separate session:

  • Carbon Neutral Targets 
  • The Value of Connectivity 
  • Autonomous Mobility 
  • EV Adoption across the Globe
  • Global Policy Design.

The 2021 Global Fleet Conference will bring you five sessions corresponding to those key trends. In each session, you will receive valuable insights from industry experts, sharers of best practices and winners of Fleet Europe awards. There will be presentations and panel discussions, and even opportunities to network. 

Among the esteemed speakers that have already confirmed are:

  • Jan-Hendrik Rauhut (Bayer), Global Fleet Manager of the Year 2021. 
  • Tania Mijas (Genentech), first Fleet LatAm Manager of the Year.
  • Yuliya Lapenkova (Danone), European Fleet & Mobility Manager of the Year 2021.
  • Ricardo Koevoet (ABB), Green Fleet Manager of the Year 2021.
  • Nikola Vuckovic (Philip Morris International), Connected Fleets Manager of the Year 2021.  
  • Ivor Johnson, Global Fleet Services Senior Director (Pfizer), and 2021 Inductee into the Fleet Europe Hall of Fame. 
  • Bob Zimmer, Supply Chain Fleet Technology Senior Manager (PepsiCo).
  • Marcella Berta Mauri, Global Fleet Strategist (HP Inc.)
  • Marc Odinius, CEO (Dataforce).
  • Jonathan Kamanns, Associate Director Fleet & Safety (Boehringer-Ingelheim).
  • Andy Leeden, Global Director Fleet & Mobility (AstraZeneca).
  • Carlo Rietveld, Global Category Manager Mobility (Ericsson). 
  • Sandra Roling, Head of Transport (Climate Group). 
  • Ng Yit Ming, Regional Procurement Manager APAC (Nestlé).

Click here for more on the event and to register – free of charge – and get ready for 2022!

Authored by: Frank Jacobs