9 Aug 23

Fleet LatAm Conference 2023: let your Latin American colleagues know!

Calling all forward-thinking fleet managers and industry aficionados – the stage is set, and the spotlight is on Latin America! Get ready to dive into the heart of fleet management at the highly anticipated Fleet LatAm Conference 2023.

Tailored to the Region

Latin America's fleet management landscape is as diverse as it is promising. Our conference is carefully crafted to address the unique challenges and opportunities of this dynamic region. Join us to uncover region-specific strategies that will drive your fleet operations to unparalleled success.

Some of the topics that we will be covering:

  • A strategic mobility plan for Mexico City
  • Inclusion for Business Success
  • (In)Direct benefits of LatAm’s economic outlook
  • Electrification

In addition, a session of the “Inspiring Women in Fleet” as well as the life “Award Ceremony” will complete the 2-day event

Share the invitation with your LatAm Colleagues!

Attention fleet managers worldwide! Help us bridge continents by forwarding this invaluable opportunity to your colleagues across Latin America. Empower them to be a part of this transformative experience that promises to elevate the entire industry.

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For more information and registrations, visit our event website.

Picture Credit: Shutterstock 2045204267

Authored by: Yves Helven