16 Dec 22

Aerit completes pilot project for drone deliveries in Sweden

Aerit completes pilot project for drone deliveries in Sweden

Aerit, a sustainable drone delivery service headquartered in Stockholm, has completed a pilot project in Sweden, covering an area of 100 square kilometres. 

The flights, which took place across an area covering households in Norrtälje, provided on-demand grocery and product delivery to homes through the beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) technology, which enables drones to operate out of the visible range of the pilot. 

The project, funded by Sweden's innovation agency Vinnova and several other research institutes, analyzed the efficiency of drone delivery while observing the public interest. The deliveries were performed for six days, under extreme weather conditions, including snow and a temperature below -10 Celcius. The project was a success, in which the chosen households could order delivery through the ICA Pronto mobile application. 

Aerit's success is a breakthrough for deliveries in terms of eliminating several modes of transportation to reach particular locations under certain weather conditions. The Nimbi delivery drones bypass the car and boat trips required to reach chosen destinations, reducing travelling time significantly while boosting safety and sustainability. 

The battery-powered Nimbi delivery drones have a maximum payload capacity of 4kg. The winching system of Nimbi drones enables the pick-up and drop-off of deliveries without needing a supporting structure. 

Image: Aerit

Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen