7 Sep 21

IAA Mobility: Polestar and Cake unveil a limited-edition e-moped

At the IAA Mobility show in Munich, Polestar and Cake have presented the Makka – a limited-edition version of Cake’s compact e-moped. This version is based on Cake’s newest vehicle platform. Its design, component materials and upgrades reflect the ambition of both companies to accelerate the shift towards sustainable mobility. 

The Makka – Polestar edition by Cake is designed for ease of use in combination with the Polestar 2 EV. It has a battery that can be charged directly from a car. The e-moped can be used both in an urban setting and in a more rural, off-road environment. The vehicle has been pre-launched for the Polestar community earlier this summer, and will be offered to the public via the Polestar Additionals web shop. 

Image: Polestar / Cake

Authored by: Frank Jacobs