10 Jul 23

Kia appoints Director Pupose Built Vehicles for Europe

Kia Europe has appointed Pierre-Martin Bos as its Director PBV. As such he will be leading the strategy for and introduction of Purpose Built Vehicles (PBV) on the European market.

This PBV segment involves series-produced vehicles that can be optimised for a specific purpose. Kia plans to launch a mid-size dedicated PBV model in 2025 at a dedicated PBV production facility in Hwaseong. These fully networked, battery powered PBVs offer an interesting prospect, particularly in the light commercial vehicle and passenger transport sectors.

Kia is entering the LCV market in Europe as a newcomer. Bos will help prepare for market readiness over the coming years and establish a sustainable network for a new type of ecosystem.

Pierre-Martin Bos brings more than 20 years of automotive industry expertise and experience, having successfully held several international positions with Stellantis and its predecessor brands since 1999. In his final post as Head of LCV & B2B, he managed activities for all Stellantis brands in the segment across the Middle East and Africa.

Copyright picture: Kia Europe, 2023.

Authored by: Steven Schoefs