17 Oct 19

Mapillary dashcam slashes logistics delays

Mapillary is launching its first-ever dashcam today. The camera (pictured) will allow logistics companies to gather data while en route, improving maps (and ultimately, delivery speed) without any need for extra diver actions. Flawless delivery is critical, as 84% of online shoppers say they’re unlikely to return to a retailer after just one negative shipping experience. 

Mapillary is a street-level imagery platform that scales and automates mapping using collaboration, cameras, and computer vision. The company’s new dashcam captures from one to 30 frames per second, depending on need. Data extracted from those images provides info on traffic signs, road markings, etcetera. 

Those images and data are geotagged and available on the Mapillary platform within hours of uploading, improving maps and thus solving a pain point for logistics companies – under increasing pressure to deliver more goods faster. 

“For logistics companies under tight deadlines, an incorrect map can have a big impact on their bottom-line financial results,” says Mapillary CEO Jan Erik Solem. “The Mapillary dashcam provides them with near real-time map and location data through the Mapillary platform, so they can plan their route around unpredictable road conditions and roadwork, improve addressing and delivery locations, and also see the place drivers are going to before going there.”


Authored by: Frank Jacobs