1 May 19

New last mile storage locker for engineers

BT Fleet Solutions has developed a new last mile system for parts deliveries. The company manages the fleet of telecoms giant BT as well as the vehicles of third party clients. It has 80,000-plus vehicles under its care, making it is one of the UK’s largest light commercial vehicle fleet operators.

Final Mile was developed for BT’s own engineers, and has now been extended to third party fleet customers.

The system relies on Pelipod lockers and delivery boxes at BT’s sites across the UK. BT has 6,000-plus sites in the country, and has installed delivery boxes at 500 of them. The secure, unmanned boxes allow engineers to collect parts they need for their jobs, without driving out of their way. 

The storage lockers and boxes can be installed anywhere on a company’s site, and engineers can choose to have deliveries made to boxes closest either to their home or work locations. The lockers and boxes are mobile connected, which allows customers to identify which boxes are free, and to record when deliveries are made, triggering an automatic SMS notification to the field engineer.

A spokesman for BT Final Mile said, “BT has now opened their Final Mile network to external customers, so many other companies with field force engineers can realise the benefits of having the right spare parts, in the right place at the right time.”

Authored by: Jonathan Manning