13 Jun 19

New ride hailing app puts drivers in control

A new British ride hailing app has spread rapidly across the country by giving power back to drivers.

Xooox (pronounced zooks) lets drivers search in real time for passengers who are looking for a ride, and lets drivers set their own fares. Other major ride hailing apps tend to focus on showing customers the location of drivers.

As a result, xooox is already active in 78 licensing regions of the UK after just one month of trading, compared to the 20 cities and regions where Uber operates. By dealing only with licensed taxis, xooox has avoided the launch issues with local authorities that have troubled firms such as Uber and Bolt, allowing it to expand nationwide wherever there are licensed cabs.

Darren Tenney, founder of Perfect Data, the company behind xooox, said: “More passengers – including those living and working in places where other apps aren’t available – can now use the very latest in tech to hail a ride.”

Passengers can use the xooox app on their smartphone to search for all available rides nearby, and then choose a taxi based on a range of criteria, such as the type of vehicle, its emissions, its estimated time of arrival, and the cost of the journey.

Authored by: Jonathan Manning