29 Sep 16

Remarketing Forum focuses on LCV skills

Managing cars and managing LCVs are two quite different disciplines, as any fleet manager can tell you. Those differences also apply to the final part of the life-cycle. Remarketing LCVs requires a skill-set of knowledge, experience and attention that is clearly distinct from the one you need to remarket cars.

As the LCV segment is booming, that particular skill-set will become increasingly valuable. If as a fleet professional you are or will be in any way involved in LCV remarketing, the presentation by Jean-Laurent Paris (pictured) at the Remarketing Forum on 15 November in Barcelona is literally worth the trip. 

In the fourth and final session of the Remarketing Forum, Mr. Paris will focus on the Remarketing Framework for LCVs, and lay out the conditions and key elements for an effective Remarketing Strategy for LCVs.

Mr. Paris is one of the most experienced and respected voices in the Remarketing industry. Since 2013, he has been the Managing Director of DEKRA Automotive Solutions, which employs 1,500 professionals in over 27 countries on four continents. It is the DEKRA unit which provides strong support in Remarketing and Dealer network improvement.

Jean-Laurent Paris has 25 years’ experience in automotive; prior to his current role, he was International Business Development Director at DEKRA Automotive Solutions and Managing Director of the Spanish subsidiary. 

The Remarketing Forum will delve deep into a variety of subjects that are relevant and crucial for today’s Remarketing industry. Find out more here. Register now, as places are limited.

Image: DEKRA Automotive Solutions

Authored by: Frank Jacobs