12 May 22

Renault Trucks launches the multimodal electric delivery concept

Renault Trucks launches the multimodal electric delivery concept

Renault Trucks has added innovation to its electric transportation business, launching an industry-first multimodel electric delivery concept, dubbed E-Tech Master OptiModale. 

Committed to zero-emission in last-mile delivery, Renault Trucks plan in Caen, France, started producing 100% electric vehicles for the D range series in 2020. The second-generation fully-electric trucks of Renault, including three models, are now expanded with an innovative multi model concept, combining three types of electric vehicles in one. 

The E-Tech Master OptiModale includes;

  • A 3.5-tonne LWB L3H1 E-Tech Master Low Loader Luton boy van, 
  • An eBullitt electric Cargo bike, 
  • And a parcel-carrying drone.

Horton Commercials' Low Loader Luton body is designed for parcel delivery while providing space for the e-bike and drone-pad system. The E-Bullitt e-bike can carry small parcels up to 100 kgs and is equipped with a Shimano e-system, providing up to 50 km of power assistance. The removable battery of the e-bike can be charged up to 50% within an hour.

The drone pad sits on top of the e-bike, where an Uvatek drone is launched, carrying packages up to 2 kilograms. 

Cleaner and more efficient urban deliveries 

Renault Trucks aims to reduce congestion and help decarbonise urban areas by launching the E-Tech Master OptiModale. OptiModale represents a two-person operation; the van delivers larger loads while the e-bike will eliminate the congestion problem by delivering small parcels. Additionally, the drone can be deployed in urgent situations, including providing vital supplies to isolated locations. 

The sustainable multimodal electric last-mile delivery solution thus offers a delivery volume between 2 kg and 44 tonnes. 

The new concept also serves to decrease pollution in cities and improve accessibility and productivity for operators. Renault says the all-in-one sustainable solution is designed to transform the expanding delivery industry and be replicated worldwide. 

Images: Renault Trucks.

Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen